Ukrainian shipping company enters a payment bitcoin

Ukrainian shipping company enters a payment bitcoin

The field of international freight can gain significant benefits after switching to bitcoin.

So, one of the Ukrainian operators is negotiating its first transaction in bitcoin.

Varamar, OOO, the shipping company of Odessa will become one of the first carriers that accept payment in bitcoins. According to Bloomberg, is currently being negotiated with the carrier by the customer in respect of the first transaction with bitcoins. After that, the calculation of the cryptocurrency will become a regular practice of the company.

Transportation, being among the oldest industrial sectors, are considered retrograde field, extremely reluctant to pick up new technologies. Bitcoin comes to the rescue in a very important process that is constantly of concern in modern transportation — payment. The first and most famous cryptocurrency in the world will help companies to carry out transactions with customers, reduced international sanctions, as a result of which regular Bank payments do not apply.

The founder of Varamar, OOO Alexander, Varvarenko told Bloomberg the following:

“The paperwork for operations is a complex banking procedure. Payment in bitcoins will speed up the process. Also can be resolved payment issues in countries such as Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Yemen and Qatar. Is there a reliable company who has fallen victim to government sanctions.”

Other companies are also not graze the rear. As reported, the Russian freight broker LLC “Interchart shipping” works over creation of system of payment in bitcoins, as some of the clients cannot conduct transactions in dollars through the banks. One of the partners of the company, Gibraltar company Quorum Capital involved in the sale of grain, is very interested in the “new payment method”, but acknowledges that much remains to be improved.

“The industry is going through difficult times, because most ships are registered in offshore zones, and their owners of accounts opened in the Baltic countries, — says managing partner at Quorum Capital — where oblige to send and receive payments in dollars.”

The carriers are already investing large amounts in blockchain trade. Running several pilot projects around the world with the full implementation of a blockchain technology in trade financing and transactions in the supply chain. Accepting bitcoin as a means of payment along with the introduction of the blockchain, the industry of international transportation can significantly increase the efficiency and income through the decentralized technologies.

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