Ukrainian developers have created a platform for the analysis of the cryptocurrency exchanges

Ukrainian developers have created a platform for the analysis of the cryptocurrency exchanges

Ukrainian Hacken company has launched a new web site which provides a tool “all-in-one” for the evaluation of crypto-currency exchangers. Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) allows to compare more than 12 exchanges, including the results of arbitration in real-time and indicators of liquidity, security and reliability.

Release Crypto Exchange Ranks from Hacken will officially be held today, June 18. The service allows users to access a wide range of indicators for the main exchangers in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. The beta version of the platform contains a scoring dashboard exchanger, as well as tabs to view liquidity and arbitration.

Although not all features were enabled in the beta, those that are in action, work perfectly and provide really useful tools for traders seeking arbitrage opportunities, or trying to determine the limits of the output on different platforms.

Anton Kaminski, Director of business development Crypto Exchange Ranks, said that the aim of the project was “creating a complex tool for ranking cryptocurrency exchangers to save time and effort of all market participants”.

Although platforms such as Coinmarketcap, provide specific data about exchangers, for example, a 24-hour trading volume most traded pairs, CER uses a different approach. The website, which initially will be free, quickly compares prices coins for arbitration, evaluates the number of orders on the exchange and looks at the balance sheets of the cold wallets of exchanges.

While most traders are unlikely to pay greater attention to the ratings of cybersecurity, the presence of such instruments as CER, can stimulate the exchange to improve service in this direction, knowing that their every action is monitored.

Dmitry Budarin, CEO Hacken, who created the platform, said

The “cryptocurrency exchange is the basis of all emerging cryptoeconomy. CER will contribute to a healthier development. We hope that with CER markets begin to take seriously their cybersecurity and will waive any and all bad practices, while the users will get comprehensive tools to make intelligent decisions.”

Version 1.0 CER starts today. The developers also plan to add support for portfolio and technical analysis tools platform.

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