Ukrainian cryptocurrency “Karbovanets” can now be bought in cryptomath

Ukrainian cryptocurrency “Karbovanets” can now be bought in cryptomath

In the updated version of cryptomite you can buy Ukrainian cryptomonad.

“Karbovanets”, or KRB will be one of the currencies that the developers will add in the terminals. Generally available for purchase are all the currency on the cryptocurrency exchange KUNA.

“While here (in cryptomate – Ed.) only bitcoin. Will soon add all the currencies available on the KUNA exchange, and we will continue to add new coins. We plan and monero, and litecoin, and dash, and even karbovanets. Specially for those who loves karbovanets, saying he will be”, – said the founder of bitcoin Agency KUNA and the eponymous cryptocurrency exchanges Michael chobanian.

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Recall that less than a year the Ukrainian cryptocurrency “Karbovanets” has grown by 67 times (currently in 86 times): 0.4 UAH per coin to $1. Amid rising bitcoin this cost seems small but impressive pace. A week after this news KRB ran $2, but quickly dropped to $1.5, and today fell back to $1.3 according to CoinMarketCap.

Now in circulation is more than 4.7 million karbovanets, their total cost is nearly $5 million

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