Ubisoft will examine the blockchain

Ubisoft will examine the blockchain

French video game publisher Ubisoft has announced that it has started the exploration of the potential application of blockchain technology in its Strategic innovation lab, which investigates new technologies and their uses.

Levin, Sauer, Director of trends at the laboratory, said in an interview with gaming news site IGN that Ubisoft is particularly interested in the ability of the blockchain to operate with the rights of ownership for digital goods and aytemov.

Technology provides the opportunity to finally get a real digital collectible items that can’t be played by anyone and will belong to you 100 percent.

It also allows you to ensure that the rights of ownership on someone else’s creativity and the products of creativity in digital form.

With blockchain we can obtain the equivalent of a digital Picasso, the only difference is that to steal something on the blockchain far more difficult than to steal a Picasso.

One possible use of this technology in the gaming industry can be to work with downloadable content (DLC) that extends a game publisher and usually includes add-ons such as aesthetic changes and new features to the gaming process. However, the plans of Sauer are not limited to:

We want to go further. We feel that there is something more interesting that you can create by using the blockchain, and we are trying to find.

Ubisoft is not the first game developer, who has been studying blockchain technology.

Now there is already quite a lot of games built on the basis of this new technology. One of the most popular is CryptoKitties in which the price for the digital collector’s items went for 100,000 USD.

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