U.S. marshals successfully sold bitcoins in the amount of $ 30 million

U.S. marshals successfully sold bitcoins in the amount of $ 30 million

The U.S. marshals service confirmed that it has successfully transferred more than 3,600 bitcoins, the five winners of the auction, which was held in January.

Unknown winner received 1600 bitcoins (about 13.4 million U.S. dollars), while the remaining customers got 500, 500, 200 and 813 bitcoins (worth 4 million $ 4 million $ 1.6 million U.S. dollars and 6.7 million dollars ), respectively.

The names of the winners of the auction were not disclosed, with the exception of Blockchain Riot that claimed one of the two lots in the 500 bitcoins. Riot confirmed on the Blockchain voluntary purchase of lot 500 bitcoins.

It is noteworthy that the Agency has sold 100 bitcoins less than was expected, according to representatives with the U.S. marshals service, due to unforeseen technical problems.

This is the first sale of bitcoins at auction starting in 2016, when it was sold 2700 bitcoins for approximately two million dollars.

The Agency first announced the upcoming auction on January 11 at that time it was planned to sell a little more than 3800 bitcoins worth approximately $ 54 million.

The next day after the auction, the Agency confirmed that there were only 111 applications from 62 unique registered bidders. To participate in the auction, each participant had to make a Deposit in the amount of 200,000 US dollars and undergo a special registration process.

At the time of the transaction, January 22, the approximate cost of bitcoin stood at 42 million dollars.

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