Twitter on Bitcoin Cash

Twitter on Bitcoin Cash

On 15 April launched a new social network based on Bitcoin Cash called Memo.

The platform allows users to create a profile tied to a specific address, BCH and public and private keys. Users can then create posts small format (website address, quote, commentary) that are cached in the chain of BCH using the OP_RETURN transaction.

I am pleased to announce the launch of Memo, a social network built on Bitcoin Cash. Memo is a Protocol and an external interface. The Protocol works by recording transactions into the blockchain Bitcoin Cash. The client application can “read” these transactions.

In existing social networks any profile can be banned or even deleted, and the owner of the profile has little to do in such a situation. Memo on the idea, the authors of the project is not only free from censorship a way to send money, but are free from censorship by the social network.

To use the Memo must go through a registration process to enter a user name and password, which are then bound to a particular key pair. In order to use network capabilities fully, you will also need a purse BCH and a small amount of money on it.

One dollar in BCH is sufficient to monitor specific profiles, from which a your tape.

The creation record is also a very simple process – in a particular field you must enter text or a website address, enter your password. After this, the message becomes public. If the message is like, the reader can leave a “tip” after you have in the account will be enough funds you can withdraw them.

Memo at the moment everything is still under alpha testing. Ie users are not recommended to keep too much funds on purses BCH bound to the account on the Memo.

On the platform a lot of people and there are many quite famous personalities, but as the verification process does not exist, it is safe to say that it is they – not.

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