Trump invested in Bitcoin, that’s why he still not banned

Trump invested in Bitcoin, that’s why he still not banned

In October of last year, the administration of Donald trump (command, head of the United States of America) made a number of statements in which the President proposed to impose a ban on cryptocurrencies in the near future. Since the window is already July and there is no total ban is still not followed, raises a number of questions.

That’s what the administration trump said in October:

“The FBI is very concerned about what’s happening on the Darknet. They already covered two of the largest web site of the Dark Web, one of which Alphabay. There are a total of 240 000 sites where people sell, for the most part, weapons and illegal substances, including Fentanyl. They all use bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and this is a big problem “.


“The situation [with Bitcoin] is something that is controlled by our team and is part of national security. We know, trump is watching what is happening. And we will keep you updated when it becomes known something else”

So, if trump is so closely following Bitcoin, then he probably knows about all the break-ins, hacker attacks, and attacks on owners of cryptocurrencies, behind the headlines. So why is the President still not banned cryptocurrencies?

Perhaps, trump himself is investing in Bitcoin, and therefore, the ban will be strongly contrary to their interests? Do not forget that trump is the brains behind the Empire of the trump. He is by nature first and foremost a businessman, and the presidency is a kind of side project. Investing in Bitcoin seem a logical step for trump and fully comply with its principles.

Because trump is almost no mention of cryptocurrency, it seems like he wants to limit the number of stories linking him to the Bitcoin, and fearing to cause severe price fluctuations in the markets, because in his best interests to keep markets stable, to increase their own investments.

Of course, all the above are only assumptions and speculation, but above them all is to think about. Imagine the President of the United States, which owns anti-government decentralized cryptocurrency? If this is not the definition of irony, then what?

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