Trump has imposed sanctions against cryptocurrency Petro

Trump has imposed sanctions against cryptocurrency Petro

Donald trump has signed a decree on new sanctions against Venezuela against cryptocurrency Petro.

The information that the US President is preparing to sign an order imposing additional sanctions on the South American country for trying to circumvent the existing economic restrictions has already appeared earlier. Today, Monday, it became known that trump signed a decree that blocks any transactions between US and Petro.

Petro appeared in February, and as stated at the time, government officials, Venezuela seeks to use cryptocurrency as a method to circumvent international sanctions.

What the trump administration would take similar steps have been expected; several U.S. lawmakers sharply criticized Petro and even sent a special letter to the Ministry of Finance, with the question of how this Agency is going to respond to Petro.

The Ministry of Finance has not given a direct answer to these appeals, but confirmed that the Americans who buy this token will be sanctioned.

It is worth noting that Venezuela’s Congress has also recognized the existence of token illegal.

And while Maduro claims that the tokens have already been sold for a sum in the region of $ 5 billion, any evidence that was not presented.

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