TRON will distribute 30 million TRX owners Ethereum

TRON will distribute 30 million TRX owners Ethereum

TRON plans to leave the Ethereum network after launching his own network on June 21. The stated goal is to become “one of the most competitive of the block chain in the world.”

TRX was developed as a token ERC20 on the basis of Ethereum, and many other tokens, including EOS, VeChain, OmiseGO and ICON. Now that the stage of development of TRON as a token ERC20 coming to an end, the project plans to issue 30 million TRX owners Ethereum. The cost of the TRX at the moment is 0.05$, so that the project will distribute the equivalent of 1.5 million U.S. dollars.

Airdrop is an attempt to entice users Ethereum to start using the network TRON. The project is positioning this as a manifestation of gratitude to Ethereum, despite the fact that Tron Labs is still critical of Ethereum.

Ethereum has played a vital role in the early development of TRON, and we want to Express our appreciation to those airdrop. However, we also found many problems and bottlenecks on the Ethereum platform. When we see a problem we start to solve it.

That’s why TRON wants to extend TRX to the community Ethereum to give people the chance to become part of our decentralized network of a new generation of TRON.

Only the owners of the ETH, which as of 20 April balance was ETH 1 or more, and those who committed at least one operation with ETH from 1 January to 20 April 2018 will receive a TRX. The amount will be random and will range from 10 to 100 TRX.

Airdrop TRON will happen after you have collected all the necessary data that is expected to take one week. Users Ethereum is not required to perform any additional actions. Fund TRON stresses that it will not request the addresses of the wallets and is asking customers to report any suspicious activity.

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