Tron (TRX) says its new blockchain can handle 1,200 transactions per second

Tron (TRX) says its new blockchain can handle 1,200 transactions per second

Founder and CEO of Tron, Justin San said that the number of transactions per second that can be processed by the network TRON 80 times higher than Ethereum. Justin also added that the acquisition of BitTorrent, which has 100 million users in 138 countries opens up endless possibilities for the project.

For comparison, the speed of processing transactions in Ethereum currently is 15 to 20 per second.

The possibility of a Tron handle more transactions than the Ethereum network, is ensured by the fact that the network TRON relies on only a few nod or “super representatives”, which produce new units in the network.

This model is different from Ethereum in which virtually anyone can create a node. Currently, the network has more than 13,000 nodes Ethereum, which register transactions and thus provide network security.

However, since the processing of each transaction in Ethereum, you need to have processed all the nodes, the network has a limit on the number of transactions it can handle. Ethereum is working on scaling solutions such as sharding and plasma. Cofounder Vitalik Buterin believes that this will increase the transaction rate up to millions per second.

In the past, TRON made a lot of statements about the number of processed transactions per second. In April, the San said that Tron will reach 10 000 transactions per second, and in June, the company said that it has made 2000 transactions per second during the internal tests of its network.

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