TRON (TRX): June 26, the price can recover?

TRON (TRX): June 26, the price can recover?

There was literally a matter of days before another significant stage in the development of TRON (TRX). June 26 elections should take place super representatives. But investors in the cryptocurrency are much more interested in when the price of TRX will start to recover.

One of the factors that can have a positive impact on price is the emergence of a trading pair TRX/USDT on Binance. It is on Binance concentrated the bulk of the funds in the Tether, and the introduction of such a trading pair can TRX help to get rid of the influence of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on its price.

For TRX effect pairs BTC is still extremely high, but in recent years the share of trade USDT increased to 18%. This TRX is similar to EOS, which often goes against the market, and is becoming less and less dependent on BTC.

TRX has lost more than 27 percent of its value last week. Now it is trading at 0.043 US dollars, the decline in recent days amounted to 9.3%. However, the introduction of new trading pairs and the emergence of super representatives offer hope for recovery.

TRON made sure to create a simple and intuitive process of voting using your wallet, in contrast to the vote of the EOS, which is based on third-party sites and tips from the command line. In order to participate in voting you need to freeze a certain amount of money TRX for three days. The exact number of purses that will take part in the vote, it is not known how unclear and how it will affect the effect of voting on the price, because users have to withdraw their assets from schitovidnykh exchanges.

Another positive factor for TRON is that the team Ledger recently approached the developer of the TRON c idea implementation support of the cryptocurrency on their devices. The biggest problem is to create a wallet with cold storage, who also had to function as blocking tokens for a vote. But even just the inclusion of TRX in popular hardware wallet will greatly help the project to reach new investors.

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