TRON official statement about the acquisition BitTorrent

TRON official statement about the acquisition BitTorrent

Rumors about the acquisition of Justin San, the founder of TRON, the company of BitTorrent Inc., the operator of the popular torrent client uTorrent, went a long time. But today, 24 July, finally got the official letter in which he confirms the fact of purchase and shares some thoughts about the future of both projects.

The BitTorrent Protocol was launched in 2001 and in his letter Justin San gives it justice calling it “the Genesis of decentralized movements”:

Bittorrent is a […] the first decentralized Internet Protocol with large-scale global application, which, even today […] retains its status as the world’s largest decentralized Protocol by generating 40% of all Internet traffic.

San also said that BitTorrent and TRON will be combined into one project. In today’s letter emphasized the common vision of these projects, and this is not surprising, since this is about the torrents was still in Wallpaper TRON.

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At the moment TRON (TRX) took 11th place in the ranking of crypto-currencies and is trading at 0.04$, and the total capitalization of the project is 2.3 billion dollars.

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