Treasure Satoshi: Cryptocommunist playing a new game with a prize of one million dollars

Treasure Satoshi: Cryptocommunist playing a new game with a prize of one million dollars

In cryptocommunist started a new competition, the prize being a million dollars in Bitcoins. 13 APR anonymous user gave the encrypted message to the satellite Blockstream with the call for all other captainvalor. Anonymous means “to test the resolve, the courage, the intelligence and wit of potential hunters Treasure Satoshi”.

Prize pool — 198 BTC. At today’s exchange rate is a little over a million dollars. We will remind, earlier satellites were used for more unusual purposes. In late January unknown cryptanthus hacked one of the satellites in orbit, and passed through his own diary about Bitcoin.

The hunger games

In the first message left unknown, some explanations for new players.

“This message should reach you half of the fourth month of 2019. If you’re reading this it means something made you want to look for things that soon will bring a lot of excitement in such a predictable world.”

According to anonymous, the keys to “the Treasure of Satoshi” will be soon provided on the website The first three clues will be revealed in the coming days.

“What you are reading is the first key in the great Hunt. This is not the first and not the last Hunt, but she’s MINE, so I bear the responsibility for what you have to prove yourself.”

The Creator of the game shared private key of the address with a prize of a thousand parts, using “magic magician Shamir”. To obtain bitcoins, the participants have to find 400 pieces and connect them into a private key because of the “spell of recombination”.

Shamir is a reference to the Israeli cryptographer ADI Shamir who invented mechanism for the exchange of secret keys. The first three clues to the game will be revealed today, tomorrow and after tomorrow at midnight.

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