Travel the world and pay only cryptocurrency: It is difficult but possible

Travel the world and pay only cryptocurrency: It is difficult but possible

Two years ago, Felix Weiss, a software developer, was kept in suspense all cryptocurrency community. People with a sinking heart, watched his 18-month journey around the world, during which Felix used only bitcoins.

As more businesses worldwide accept cryptocurrency payments, it seems that to repeat the feat in 2018 a lot easier.

We studied travel services accepting cryptocurrency in order to understand how luxurious or modest will be your journey if you decide to go the route Weiss.

Booking flights

There are several services for the booking of tickets that accept cryptocurrency payments. online travel Agency in the United States, the first to accept bitcoin in 2013. Service of booking of tickets in now also accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin, Cash and Dash. Platform TapJets added cryptocurrency Litecoin for payment for their services. Now with LTC customers can instantly book private flights directly from your smartphone.

Today, there are many services that allow you to purchase airline tickets for cryptocurrencies. For example Expedia, Japanese Peach Aviation, the California-based Surf Air, and AirBaltic and A Bit of Sky from Latvia.

Search residence

It is not difficult. Most travel agencies (including Expedia, Destinia, CheapAir), which allow you to book tickets using the cryptocurrency also allows you to book an accommodation. and cryptocribs provide the ability to pay with cryptocurrency. Depending on what part of the world you are traveling, find a place to stay in the crypt should not be too difficult.


This is a bit trickier. In order to eat for bitcoins you will need to keep track of local restaurants that accept the cryptocurrency. Try to use CoinMap to make sure which restaurant near you accepts the digital currency.

If you are not lucky, there is still the opportunity to buy food stamps for cryptocurrency, using services such as Gyft or eGifter . Local markets in some countries also give you the opportunity to buy coupons for food.


Shopping with cryptocurrency does not cause such difficulties as the purchase of food. Use CoinMap to find stores that accept cryptocurrency around you, which is much more compared to restaurants.

What to do if you find yourself in a situation when nobody takes your payments in bitcoin and you do not have cash? Your last hope to find a cryptocurrency ATM.

The number of companies that support cryptocurrencies has increased significantly, but still only travel to the crypt in the pocket is problematic. Well, fans of cryptocurrencies, are you ready to try to go the route of Weiss?

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