Trast Grayscale bought 1% of all bitcoins

Trast Grayscale bought 1% of all bitcoins

Investors are Grayscale and some Ethereum-whales benefit from falling prices of cryptocurrencies, buying bitcoins and ether.

According to analyst firm Diar, Grayscale trust the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) now owns more than 200,000 BTC of its customers, which means that the owner of the company 1% of all pay at the moment, bitcoins, more than any other company in this field.

Despite the ongoing, almost a year bear market, trust GBTC, outdoor Digital Currency Group in 2013-th year, continues to buy BTC on a regular basis. The company earns 2% on placed investors ‘ assets, therefore, helps clients to double their.

While the Grayscale increases the portfolio in BTC, the value of assets has fallen to 826 million dollars, the lowest level in the current year.

Other institutional investors are also actively buying the primary cryptocurrency. In mid-November, when the first wave of price reduction, Mati Greenspan said that clients eToro taking advantage of the falling prices and increased the number of bitcoins in their portfolios.

According to Diar, the Ethereum whales also acquired this year, more of the ether than in all previous years combined. Large investors have bought about 20 million ETH, which is about 20% of all Ethereum in circulation and 300% more than the beginning of 2017.

Also this week, the Litecoin network in a single day was registered transactions worth more than $ 1 billion, which may indicate the output of the crypto-whales in LTC.

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