TrafficJunky is beginning to accept Verge (XVG)

TrafficJunky is beginning to accept Verge (XVG)

A few weeks ago, the Verge announced a partnership with Pornhub, we now know that this cryptocurrency will work TrafficJunky.

TrafficJunky – trafikogeneratsii SEVIS, which is very popular among sites for adults, starting Monday will begin to accept Verge (XVG). The rabigh Bulman, product Manager and operations at TrafficJunky, commented on this decision:

Just over two weeks ago, Pornhub announced that they are starting to take Verge. And from that moment the announcement that we will begin to take XVG was only a matter of time.

Despite numerous announcements of “the greatest partnership in the industry of cryptocurrencies”, the price Verge (XVG) after the announcement of the partnership with Pornhub went down. How to react to the price XVG after the announcement of the partnership with TrafficJunky is not yet clear.

At the time of this writing, the price XVG hovers around 0.72 US dollar, and in recent days has fallen by 10%. However, it is rather a consequence of the correction in the market after yesterday’s Bitcoin attempts to break through the level of 10,000 USD, and not the result of reaction of investors on the Verge of the announcement of the new partner. In the red zone are almost all cryptocurrencies of the top 100.

In any case, the representatives of the TrafficJunky hope that their decision will be greeted with enthusiasm by their users, many of whom work in the niches where the calculations of Fiat money can present certain difficulties.

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