Top 10 most effective cryptocurrency by the end of 2017

Top 10 most effective cryptocurrency by the end of 2017

2017 is over and it’s time to summarize the most effective cryptocurrency during this period. Bitcoin has excited the media, achieving a record level of $20,000, but in terms of a percentage of the winnings he wasn’t even in the top 10.

Altcoins, including Dash, showed an impressive growth, reaching 13.900% profit in mid-December. Price Dash retreated somewhat, ending the year with a winning 9.265%, finishing in fifth place in the ranking. For Ethereum, this year also was remarkable. Cryptocurrency was in sixth place with a profit of 9.162%. Litecoin closed the year with a growth rate of 5.045% and was ranked ninth.

New altcoins also showed a good result. NEM and Ardour took second and third places respectively. Stellar, Binance Coin, OmiseGo and Golem rounding out the top ten. Bitcoin took 14th place with an increase of 1.318%.

More than Ripple

Ripple is a centralized crypto currency, focused on banks, claimed gold medal in the crypto rally, showing a staggering growth in 36.018% over the last year. Investments in bitcoin in the amount of $1,000 1 January 2017 brought the lucky $13.180 at the end of the year. The same thousand dollars invested in Ripple, it would be worth now $360.018.

Although Ripple was good growth in the second quarter, the real spike occurred in the last week of December when the currency was ranked second by market capitalization, ahead of Ethereum. Although in the past year, bitcoin has not left the headlines of the news publications, it can’t compare with the price indicators Ripple.

How about 2018?

Despite the fact that the capitalization of crypto-currencies has reached a record high of $673 billion, there is no indication that the rally of 2017 will come to an end in the near future. Cryptocurrency enthusiast and journalist Max Keiser sure that the total capitalization of the stock market will reach $5 trillion or more, and the BTC will rise to $100,000. Kaiser said that the way bitcoin to six digit number based on the status of digital gold.

The journalist claims that other cryptocurrencies are best suited for payments:

“Dash has secured its status as a means of payment, but bitcoin is increasingly being referred to as gold 2.0. Those who are afraid of the problem of scaling of network bitcoin, I suggest to use Dash to make payments, and then Bitcoin Core will focus on the development of gold 2.0.”.

Known financial analyst Ronnie Moas is also optimistic about bitcoin assuming that the currency will reach $28.000:

“The number of available bitcoins is much lower than people think. Many bitcoins were lost, some of them not kamineni, and there are many people like me that just won’t sell BTC at any price”.

How about altcoins? The so-called “dominant” factor bitcoin now is only 37.5%, which is close to record lows. An indicator of the dominance of bitcoin is the bitcoin part of the capitalization of the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies. If you divide the current market capitalization of BTC at $250 billion, the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies of $673 billion, and then the resulting number multiplied by 100 – will display the current percentage of dominance of bitcoin is to 37.2%. A year ago, the dominance of bitcoin exceeded 90%.

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