Toothbrush, which will allow mine cryptocurrency while you brush your teeth

Toothbrush, which will allow mine cryptocurrency while you brush your teeth

The Blockchain technology — the biggest breakthrough in recent times. But only now it began to take everywhere and in the most different spheres. Much accustomed to hear about the interest of serious developers but also creative people with a sense of humor, too, do not pass by.

The latest example was the invention of China. This toothbrush based on the blockchain. The idea belongs to 32Teeth, investment in the project happen in crowdfunding JD Finance platform.

The company is committed to ensuring that the users teeth really clean. All the data about the condition of the oral cavity are recorded in the blockchain. For full accuracy data, the brush is able to recognize the face of the wearer, equipped with sensors that provide an accurate identification of the 16 levels of the surface of the tooth. Brush analyzes data about the frequency of his use and reminds you to brush your teeth. The function AR gives the user the ability to watch on the screen of the smartphone how is the process of brushing.

Besides the obvious advantages listed, the invention of literally transforms the oral cavity of the owner in a mining-farm. Regular brushing is rewarded with tokens AYA (爱 牙 币, the Chinese translates as”love of coins teeth”), which can be exchanged for a new toothbrushes, toothpaste and other services for good dental hygiene.

And let some users laughing on the invention for fear that for the sake of mining is possible and the dog’s teeth cleaned, many consumers seem delighted with the idea. High-tech toothbrush has already exceeded the stated start-up amount of 100,000 yuan is needed for the project. The crowdfunding campaign will run until may.

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