Tons of gold from the sunken Russian cruiser become a weapon in the hands of the crypto scams

Tons of gold from the sunken Russian cruiser become a weapon in the hands of the crypto scams

This story has it all: Japanese-Russian war a few centuries ago, a sunken ship, treasure chests with gold coins worth $ 130 billion, but something is missing, right? Why not add to all the above, and even ICO.

July 15, 2018, the South Korean company Shinil Group said that it “is the only organization in the world, who discovered the sunken Russian cruiser Dmitri Donskoy”.

However, the Government’s Korea Institute of ocean science and technology (KIOST) challenged the statement Shinil Group, saying that he discovered the ship in 2003.

On the website KIOST posted a photograph of the cruiser, and the coordinates of the location of the ship.

In response Shinil Group called KIOST scams, stating further that historical records prove the presence of the ship of gold.

Evgeny Zhuravlev, head of the military historical Museum of Vladivostok in the Pacific fleet, told the media:

“A military ship is the territory of the state whose flag it carries, regardless of the waters in which it is located. This status does not change even after the ship sinks. Any work on Board of Dmitry Donskoy should be agreed with the Russian side”.

Moreover, the market appeared a cryptocurrency company that, on behalf of Shinil Group has announced the launch of ICO token Shinil Gold Coin, which will be maintained was found in gold in the amount of $ 130 billion.

Also suddenly appeared cryptocurrency exchange called Donskoi International Exchange that promises to share the profit from the collapse by giving the users coins Shinil Gold (SGCs). The websites of the stock exchange and ICO have the same web host. But the most interesting thing about this story is that addresses for both domain names, do not belong Shinil Group.

Regulators in South Korea immediately reacted to the events and issued an official statement which says:

“Investors should be careful, because maybe they are dealing with scammers. You should not rely on rumors without any concrete facts concerning the treasure from the sunken ship.”

Sank 113 years ago a cruiser of the Imperial Navy of Russia, “Dmitry Donskoy”, according to historical records was carrying gold bars worth estimated over $ 200 billion.

A team of experts from South Korea, the UK and Canada, July 15, through the use of underwater robotic devices could read the name on the sunken ship, identifying it as the cruiser “Dmitry Donskoy”. Also on Board was found the boxes, sealed with special care. In them, according to Shinil Gold is gold. However, the company still has not applied for the lifting of Dmitry Donskoy in the Ministry of marine Affairs and fisheries of South Korea.

It is important to note: the representative Shinil said that the company is not connected with any exchange or with ICO. Given that cryptocurrency companies planning initial offer of coins, still not ready White Paper, with 99% certainty to say about the latest fraud.

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