TON Durov is the Savior of the crypts or bad taste?

TON Durov is the Savior of the crypts or bad taste?

Not many people like total control, the collection of personal data, censorship and destruction of accounts, together with the author’s content. The output is obvious: you need to create a shadow network to replace the outdated a web, the threads of which holds in his hands the state. Telegram Open Network (TON) designed for this.

Existing since 2013 the messenger Telegram will be just one of a TON of services, but rather an example of the use possibilities of the new network. Acne Buterin, creating a volatile Ethereum, dreamed of a global virtual operating system, which will live third-party applications built on distributed architecture of the blockchain. But this baturinskaya ambition is only a subset of what swung the other Russian nugget — Pavel Durov.

Humanity is enslaved by organized criminal groups who call themselves “States”. Pavel Durov

Let’s evaluate the scope of the project. That will include a TON:

  • TON Storage — distributed file storage system available through peer-to-peer network. Users will be able to rent the space and get rewarded in bitcoin Gram.
  • TON Proxy — anonymizer that allows you to hide the address and authentication details of the nodes in the network.
  • TON Services is a distributed operating system platform for third-party apps and smart contracts, that is, the embodiment of the paradigm of Ethereum.
  • TON DNS service for assigning human-readable names of the nodes, smart contracts and other members of the network.
  • TON Payments — a system of micropayments that implements an immediate transfer of values outside of the blockchain, and designed to replace the existing financial channels, such as VISA and Master Card.

The sophisticated reader will of course say, “It’s already there in the existing the Internet: cloud storage, proxies and even Tor, a platform for distributed applications and, of course, the Domain Name System, but electronic payments is no surprise”. It’s hard not to agree, however, TON is built on a blockchain that is protected from external control and provides, and is an inherent property of any blockchain — the transaction is irreversible and immune to destruction or alteration of data.

Blockchain TON — the most interesting feature of the project from a technological point of view. TON includes child blackany and has a tree structure. This construction is aimed at scalability and performance.

The blood running through the vessels TON is a cryptocurrency Gram. It is not malitsa and consensus is required for chaining is achieved using the algorithm proof of stake (PoS) that is resistant to Byzantine errors (BFT).

Apparently, the least attractive feature of the project TON is the emission of cryptocurrencies: it single. It is planned to issue 5 billion Gram. For sale selected by 44% left developers 4%, 52% kept as reserve. As you can see from the point of view of emission models, Gram reminds XRP with a common issue in the amount of 100 billion coins, of which the free circulation is only about 40%, and the rest frozen in the account and managed by the company Ripple.

In the case of TON, the role of Ripple will carry out a non-profit organization TON Reserve which functions as a regulator of the stability of the exchange rate Gram against the dollar. TON Reserve will buy up Gram in the fall of its price and put into circulation new coins in case of exceeding the upper threshold of the intended prices. This is very similar to the activity of the Central Bank, controls the national Fiat currency. What about the decentralization? No, no joy TON Reserve of cryptoanalysts.

The project of TON causes skepticism by many cryptoendoliths, in spite of the hype around the figure Durov, and maybe just because of his image of the Creator of a social network and messenger. But the impressive volume of investments received during private ICO ($1.7 billion) — the second volume in the history of the crypts (first place at EOS with a fantastic $4 billion) — forces us to treat TON seriously. Besides, at least two components of this ecosystem are already operational: the messenger Telegram and the Telegram system of Passport — solution to the problem of customer verification (KYC), which serves as a barrier to many cryptocurrency services. In addition, a prototype of a TON of Storage already exists is “favorites” (Saved) Messages in the Telegram where each user has the ability to store any personal data.

The messenger Telegram will include a free exchange of Gram — both between users and between them and the services. Thus, the Telegram will serve as an easy entry into the world of cryptocurrency to all its users, whose number has already reached 200 million.

For the first time in 70 years, the global financial system has a chance to get out from under the hegemony of the US, which imposed the world its national currency as a reserve and since then, in fact, collect tribute from all countries. Pavel Durov

In the community of cryptoendoliths argued that in order to start the next cycle of the cryptocurrency market, there should be a new cryptocurrency that have an innovative character and claiming the championship. This is precisely the role played Ethereum at the beginning of the cycle now ending in 2016.

The role of this crypto-currency-killer now claim the coins, using the Protocol MimbleWimble — Beam and Grin. How to know it is possible that Gram will be the long-awaited Savior of the crypts.

Or Gram — just a product of crossing between Ethereum and XRP — top 3 and top 2 in the list of cryptocurrencies?

Recently, I received a wonderful message. The Bell of mathematics to calculate that capitalization Gram can reach $29.5 billion by the end of 2019. They cited a number of arguments citing information provided to investors, and the dimension HASH Crypto Investment Bank in favor of the fact that by this time the cost of one token will be $5,9. Multiplication of this price by 5 billion expected emission just gives the result of $29.5 billion.

At the moment, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is nearly $60 billion, in the second place XRP with $12 billion it is Unknown what will be the main cryptocurrency market capitalization by the end of 2019, but if there is now a token Gram and made up of purported experts in the capitalization, it would be in second place by a large margin from XRP.

But wait for the end of 2019 not necessarily. You can now go on Chinese exchange LBank and buy a Gram futures at a price of about 0,0034 ETH ($0,357). It is not difficult to calculate that in the case that the predictions of The Bell relative to the price to $5.9 will be correct, by the end of the year you will make 16.5 x. Just please don’t take this as financial advice. It is rather hyperbole, utopia and the dream of a world where Gram will be the new Bitcoin and we’ll all live forever.

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