Today must earn a core network TRON (TRX)

Today must earn a core network TRON (TRX)

Finally, TRON will get its own ecosystem with a wallet, smart contracts and opportunities to create new tokens.

Today TRON (TRX) is its own network, and after a month in this network should appear and make the system Superprestige. Justin San has already started to present the functions of the new network.

The system start-up Odyssey 2.0 promises a higher throughput for transactions and more opportunities for third-party manufacturers decentralized applications.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited event had virtually no impact on the price of TRX. The price fell another 5% to $ 0,061, and trading volumes suggests that one should not expect any significant growth in the near future.

The Odyssey Protocol 2.0 TRON was posted and shared on GitHub in just a few hours before the launch of the core network. Surprisingly, the procedure of start is relatively calm, especially given the tendency of management TRON loudly to celebrate their achievements.

Moreover, many investors TRON was skeptical about this event, since the network still has not moved to its own tokens, and superpractical still not elected.

This simple name change with Test on Main Net. In fact, just Testnet 2.0 that will work and be tested for another 3 weeks, until a replacement token and Trx20 do not work in your own network.

Starting today, the campaign for the election of serpentile has officially begun. However, it cannot be said that she politest super popular. Among the candidates of the Bitcoin God, a strange fork of bitcoin, which occurred at the end of 2017, and, paradoxically, members of the TRON team:

Maybe I don’t understand something, but 3 of the candidates for superpractical are members of team Tron? It looks like a Google partnership with Google

The electoral process will continue until June 26, according to predetermined criteria, published in April. So TRON is trying to unite the community and realize one of the most sophisticated management approaches in the cryptocurrency space.

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