To the Moon: Cryptocurrency enthusiasts mined bitcoins at a height of 35 000 feet!

To the Moon: Cryptocurrency enthusiasts mined bitcoins at a height of 35 000 feet!

Mining company decided to start to mine bitcoins on the border with the cosmos, which sent a balloon into the stratosphere to an altitude of over 35,000 metres.

On Monday, the company Miner One launched into the stratosphere balloon with the equipment for bitcoin mining which is called “Space Miner One (SMO)”. The organization bills itself as “a community of people that want to get cryptocurrency profitability.” Guys believe so much in Bitcoin, I hope this PR move will be perceived as a “symbol of faith that the Bitcoin price will be above 35 000”.

A large latex balloon with helium attached to a parachute. It is equipped with intelligent hardware ASIC, including two ASIC USB Block Erupters connected to the “Raspberry Pi microprocessor 3 and a satellite phone” that “placed inside capsules made of carbon fiber … along with souvenir coin “bitcoin”.

The balloon is also equipped with “navigation and tracking equipment with an independent power supply, insulation and temperature controls, protecting it from extreme temperatures,” explained One Miner:

Space miner passes through the troposphere; the ASIC is activated and connects through a satellite transmitter to the Internet … as a Space Miner One enters the stratosphere, falling air pressure causes the balloon to expand from 2.2 m to 10+ m in diameter.

Before descent, “the balloon bursts, the parachute opens, and Space Miner One comes back to Earth in an open field in Lithuania”, — said the enthusiastic, adding that the flight duration is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The prospect of mining bitcoins in the atmosphere is becoming increasingly attractive for venture capitalists and mining companies.

The abundance of solar energy and freezing temperature in space — strong arguments for mining companies. The third advantage to space mining, as noted in the beginning of last year, Peter Todd, is that it may be the only economically correct method of using solar energy generated in orbit.

“It is much cheaper to skip the solar energy collected in space back to Earth in the form of blocks than in the form of electricity,” he said.

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