To run cross-platform wallet for IOTA left quite a bit

To run cross-platform wallet for IOTA left quite a bit

The most anticipated news for the IOTA project – the appearance of the purse Trinity. Project IOTA of popularity and lack of secure mobile wallet is a negative impact on his image.

Purse Trinity, formerly known as “Purse UCL”, was a project started as a master thesis student of the University of London Charlie Varley. The goal was to develop a cross-platform mobile app that will serve as an alternative wallet IOTA. At that time there was only the official wallet (for the desktop) and another wallet for Android (not official).

What started as a small student project Charlie Varley, the result was a project that received the support of the entire community.

The IOTA team worked on the desktop version of the wallet and now has published a report on the progress made during the week.

In particular, added support for Estonian, Lithuanian and Thai languages, updated translations, the team abandoned the useless hashing on the first boot, which led to a huge increase in the speed list was updated gcd and all untrusted nodes were removed and added CarrIOTA created documentation for user-oriented and in addition to all this, the team has made refactoring code.

The audit, according to the team, will last for another 6-7 weeks, to ensure that product will turn out not just good, but also safe. Is responsible for it consulting firm accessec, which has previously worked on similar projects.

Other wallets

It should be noted that there is an alternative to the official wallet project Nelium IOTA. This wallet is developed by a well known company that specializiruetsya security will exist only in the form of a mobile wallet. Will be maintained as Andorid and IOS.

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