Three more countries join the cryptocurrency lawsuit against Internet giants

Three more countries join the cryptocurrency lawsuit against Internet giants

Cryptocurrency and blockchain organization from Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Armenia recently joined the suit against the largest Internet companies because of the prohibitions advertising connected with cryptocurrency projects.

About the planned lawsuit against Google, Twitter and Facebook first became known on March 27. The structure of the organizations that originally submitted the claim, included the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RACIB), Korean Association of venture investors and LCBT, Chinese Association of cryptocurrency investors.

According to Yuri Pripachkin, the President RACIB that joined the suit organizations include the Swiss FINTECH company InnMind, the Armenian Association of the blockchain and the Kazakhstan Association of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

A joint claim has to be submitted in may 2018 in new York. Pripachkin said that the funds for payment of legal fees to be collected on a digital wallet is registered in Estonia.

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30 January, Facebook banned advertising associated with cryptocurrencies and ICO, citing the frequent use of “deceptive advertising practices” in such projects. In March, Google also announced that in June will begin to block the cryptocurrency ad. And at the end of March it became known that Twitter is also introducing a ban on advertising and cryptocurrency ICO projects.

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