Those who earn more than miners or traders? Case study 18 cryptocurrency

Those who earn more than miners or traders? Case study 18 cryptocurrency

Researchers from the University of California in San Diego came to the conclusion that the best cryptocurrency to mine than to trade them on the exchange.

Danny Huang, the lead author of the research report, explained that the miners who mined bitcoin prior to its listing, after the coins to the exchange, have more chances to hit the jackpot than traders.

Juan said :

“It’s also important not to forget about the volatility of the market altcoins, regardless of the miner or trader”

Danny and his team of researchers analyzed the potential of mining in contrast to speculation of at least 18 digital currencies. Due to the obvious reasons of Bitcoin and Litecoin in the list.

The researchers also found that income from mining random Aldona much more likely than the income from speculation.

To come to a final conclusion, Danny and the team imitated the daily income from each dollar of investment in manufacturing and mining in various conditions. During the seven-day controlled study found that the average income from mining ranged from 7% to 18%, while the trading from minus 1% to 0.5% of revenue.

The development of digital currency caused by the exponential growth of Bitcoin. The popularity of the first cryptocurrency has spawned a serious interest in mining hardware.

Miners from around the world flock to Hong Kong and Singapore, to purchase affordable equipment, which are harvested right before their eyes and in accordance with the specifications. Someone comes for parts: motherboards, GPUs, memory cards and the like.

Scientists search for extraterrestrial intelligence from the University of Barkley ( SETI) complain that now they have to compete with miners for the vital parts of the computer, and this fact is impeding their work.

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