“Thorough” process of verification of Twitter accounts helps cryptocurrency scammers to thrive

“Thorough” process of verification of Twitter accounts helps cryptocurrency scammers to thrive

Social media is a great source of information for millions of people. However, it is clear that not everything that is written in Internet is true. For example, over the last few months a huge number of “fake” verified Twitter accounts related to cryptocurrency. This trend quickly develops into a serious problem.

It is difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood in real life, what to speak of the Internet. The lies people are fed very sparingly, often in a “wrapper” of the truth. This is especially true when it comes to social media, where everyone can freely Express their opinion. That people do not followil fraudulent or potentially fraudulent accounts, Twitter recently introduced a new feature. Through the service of verification of the account holders can complete the verification process on their accounts.

Recently, however, there were some problems in respect of these “verified” accounts. The blue tick that is associated with this service, not as a sign of trust, as people would like to believe. Recent fraud Tron Foundation shows how easy it is to create an account and get a sign of trust. Although the fraudulent account have been removed, many questions remained about the policy of Twitter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to recognize the problem, dealing a blow to his company and team working on countermeasures. Despite this, the damage was already done. Problems of fraud in social networks affected not only Twitter. In recent months, Instagram has faced with similar situations. At the moment the verification procedure Twitter suspended. Fraud on Twitter is not only using fake accounts related to cryptocurrency.

Last year when Twitter had verified the account, promote racism, this is getting way out of control. Now is to wait and see what new verification process will be implemented. Sooner or later it has to happen. However, it is still unknown what the consequences will entail a new method.

Users of cryptocurrency is carefully studied even checked the account before followeth her. We have seen a lot of fake accounts, influencing projects, including OmiseGO, TRON and some others. John McAfee often warned about these potential scams. Minded users — the only true tool against attackers in the network. Sorry, your Twitter account can be hacked. Any information from this and other social networks should be checked carefully.

To distinguish fake and real account is almost impossible. These problems will continue to undermine the cryptocurrency industry. To create a “cloned” account of a real project and attempts to defraud users it doesn’t take much. Twitter should take a more aggressive stance in this regard. The common sense of users is also a great helper, since most of the fraudulent accounts easy to detect

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