There were images of digital credit cards Apple Card

There were images of digital credit cards Apple Card

At the weekend the Latvian designer Benjamin Haskin tweeted a message that some employees Apple gets branded credit card Apple Card, which are under semi-private beta.

He posted pictures of the alleged maps, but keep in mind that the name is faked in photoshop, to obviously conceal the identity of the insider.

As previously reported by 9to5Mac, card Apple Card is packaged in a vivid cover, which contains a hidden NFC tag. To activate the card, the user must open the application “Purse” and bring your iPhone to the NFC tag shown on the packaging.

This process links the digital credit card the Apple Card has already been configured in the Wallet, with the physical map.

Physical map Apple Card is made of titanium and engraved on it the name of the customer. The card has no other printed identification characteristics such as date, expiration date or account number.

On the front of the card shows only the name of the owner, the chip and the Apple logo. On the reverse side of the card shows the logo of Mastercard and Goldman Sachs, which are the banking partners Apple service Apple Card.

In March, 9to5Mac also shared screenshots of the process of setting up the Apple Card, which is similar to the way a user connects their headphones AirPod with the phone.

Apple claims that the Apple Card will not be charged a fee, such as fees for late payment or currency exchange. The credit rate will be 13-24% depending on the credit rating of a person. Apple Wallet app includes several features that help you repay your debt and keep lower interest payments.

Apple plans to make the majority of transactions using Apple Card was carried out electronically using contactless Apple Pay. Card Apple Card includes the return of cash “Daily Cash”: 2% for all transactions, Apple Pay, 3% for any purchase Apple and 1% for purchases made using a physical card.

Physical Titan card is more a symbol of status and an alternate mode of shopping in places where it is not working contactless transaction facility.

It is expected that the Apple Card will appear on the territory of the United States this summer.

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