The younger generation prefers Bitcoin to traditional banking services

The younger generation prefers Bitcoin to traditional banking services

Millennials or Generation Y — the generation born after 1981, characterized by a deep interest in digital technologies.

One of four Millennials, instead of opening traditional Bank accounts, invest the earned money into the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. According to the people interviewed, is justified by the fact that investment in BTC bring them more profit, and their money is more secure.

On the basis of a survey conducted Blockchain Capital, 70% of 10,000 Millennials, say that they are unhappy with the interest rates offered by banks, and nearly 65% believe that their money is safer in BTC, because they are personally in control of them. Two-thirds of the surveyed women in addition to Bitcoin began to invest in other crypto currencies to diversify (diversify) your investment portfolio.

Despite the fact that they prefer Bitcoin as a form of investment, about 50% of Millennials surveyed also admitted that in the quest for more convenient forms of banking operations. 45% said they want their banks to integrate BTC wallets in their activities, and they could directly invest in crypto-currencies from their Bank accounts.

The study also showed that the majority of millenials will continue to invest about two thirds of their savings in the cryptocurrency. According to the founder of the site, Andrew sung, the survey results showed that the younger generation is much faster than developing new technology than their predecessors.

The younger generation, much faster than developing new technologies, for example, the latest smartphones, which allow Millennials to invest in Bitcoin a few years earlier than in kretowiny the world’s largest hedge funds and other financial institutions.

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