The yellow jackets plan to bring down the Euro

The yellow jackets plan to bring down the Euro

“Yellow vests” I call on French people to withdraw their money from banks, in disagreement with the monetary policy of the government, which could lead to the collapse of the European Fiat, according to local media.

In addition to the planned demonstration today in front of the Rothschild Bank in Lyon, activists of the movement “yellow jackets” are called to make a “run on the banks”, that is to massively withdraw deposits from their Bank accounts, which in reality contains, according to various estimates, up to a quarter of the funds of French citizens.

Calls to bring the Euro sound on social networks, including opinion leaders: for example, boxer, Nicole already posted Maxim is dedicated to the promotion video.

With a significant number of members, such action may paralyze the country and even to bring down the Euro, which is celebrated in prominent news publications. Daily Crusader writes:

“It’s possible some exciting news for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community, as a dearth of cash could hit the market”

Max Keiser said that “if every citizen of France transferred 20% of their funds from Bank deposits in bitcoins”, it would have collapsed and the French banks and the French government.

The November protests began after the unpopular decision of the French government on raising fuel prices. Many disagree with the policy of the state wore yellow vests and took to the streets. Despite the fact that the President of the macron in December went to economic concessions, the movement only grew, forming one of the largest anti-government movements since 1968.

Yellow vests, some protesters contain the inscription “Buy Bitcoin”. Perhaps thousands of users, and do not understand the intricacies of crypto-currencies, but such labels have undoubtedly raised awareness among ordinary citizens about alternative financial possibilities, and now cryptocurrencies are mentioned more often.

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