The world’s smallest computer and its a blockchain-purpose

The world’s smallest computer and its a blockchain-purpose

IBM has introduced what the company said is the smallest computer in the world. The invention is actually tiny — about the size of a grain of salt. The production of such a computer costing less than $ 0,10.

A device is considered “crypto-anchor”, a sort of digital fingerprint that can be embedded into household items. Another example of this concept are edible ink, marking tablets.

The idea is to link objects from the real world with records about them in the blockchain.

The Blockchain technology, familiar to most people thanks to Bitcoin, involves the retention of records that are resistant to unauthorized interference. This makes it very useful in supply chain management, where the falsification of origin of products is a serious problem. For example, the industry of diamond production enthusiastically adopted this technology.

New IBM computer, which was presented at the conference Think 2018 Monday, March 19, containing up to 1 million transistors, a small amount of RAM, an led, a photodetector for communication and built-in power supply in the form of a photovoltaic element.

IBM assured that the device is “small enough and cheap enough to be built anywhere.”

“Crypto-anchor pave the way for new solutions that are responsible for food safety, authenticity of manufactured components, identification of fakes and the origin of luxury goods”, — said the head of research IBM’s Arvind Krishna.

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