The world’s best ASIC miner was a divorce, and his manufacturer — phantom

The world’s best ASIC miner was a divorce, and his manufacturer — phantom

One of the biggest manufacturers of ASIC-miners from Monaco gathers a collection of charges same. As it turned out, the leaders of the company don’t even exist. Recall, the company OnMiners boasted its line of “intra-uterine” miners, computing power which is far superior to competitors on the market. But as it turned out, the site was using stock photos and the names of executives at all fictional.

In the community suspected cheating after the publication of the press release, which provided performance data. According to a press release, OnMiners suggested hardware for mining Bitcoin with a capacity of 140, 270, and 1020 of terresa per second, and the price for asik was varied from 4.5 to 30 thousand dollars. Experts immediately noticed the trick, as of today, power devices from even the biggest companies don’t exceed 50 terresa.

In addition, the same device can supposedly dig Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, and even Dash.

A quick search by name of heads of the company OnMiners immediately gave stock photos. The journalist Bitcoinist found that on the website there is no company actual address. Trying to move on mentioned on the website articles in the media also did not end with success. At least in Reuters proposed article was not. Subsequent analysis of the situation found out that the photo site of the company — not very high quality “photoshop” pictures of completely different companies.

Although representatives OnMiners aren’t reviews, many experts have already de facto recognised the company as another Scam.

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