The word “Bitcoin” will be included in Russian spelling dictionary

The word “Bitcoin” will be included in Russian spelling dictionary

At the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences proposed to include the word “bitcoin” in Russian spelling dictionary. This was announced by senior researcher Oksana Gunchenko.

According to Oksana, Gruntenko, the question of the inclusion of “bitcoin” to the dictionary seems reasonable enough, and as this word is of undoubted difficulty with spelling point of view, it will be a place in the pages of Russian spelling dictionary.

Thus, Grinchenko explained that there are two spellings of this word in Russian — bitcoin/bitcoin: if both will be included in the spelling dictionary, it will be possible to talk about variability of standards.

According to Gruntenko, another popular word is “HYIP” is already included in some dictionaries of the Russian language, in particular, “the newest Dictionary of foreign words” by Ekaterina Shagalova.

It should be noted that the word “bitcoin” has already been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary and the Oxford English dictionary in 2016 and 2013, respectively. It is also noteworthy that in the English dictionary Merriam-Webster the word “bitcoin” was added a few years after the addition of such words as “bitcoin”, “blockchain” and ICO.

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