The woman in Denmark landed behind bars for paid bitcoin assassination

The woman in Denmark landed behind bars for paid bitcoin assassination

In Denmark, the 58-year-old Italian was sentenced to a term of imprisonment up to 6 years for organizing the assassination of his former young man. As reported by CNBC, the defendant paid the Hitman with bitcoins.

In this dirty business, the contractor received 4,1 of bitcoin in March of this year, which at that time was approximately $4000. The transfer of funds to wallet cryptocurrency assassin gave evidence in court. However, the murder that never was committed, and the intended target was present in court at sentencing. The young man even managed to communicate with the condemned.

Pseudoanonymity cryptocurrency makes them popular with criminals. In the criminal world demand darkweb websites including SilkRoad and AlphaBay, which uses bitcoin as means of payment. This allows opponents of bitcoin claim that cryptocurrency is a means for money laundering and implementation of criminal schemes.

At the same time, supporters of bitcoin draw attention to the fact that the vast majority of cases the financing of terrorism, money laundering or other financial crimes paid for in Fiat currencies.

Sian Jones, founder of the Social platform of European digital currency and blockchain technology (EDCAB), said:

“Anonymity of cryptocurrencies is a myth. The view that crypto-currencies are mostly used for money laundering too exaggerated and unreasonable. The ability to track past financial transaction makes the virtual currency is extremely inconvenient to launder money.”

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