The wife of the founder of the pyramid BitConnect missing: Suspect murder

The wife of the founder of the pyramid BitConnect missing: Suspect murder

Police St. George, a small town in Australia, continues to look for the missing wife of John Begotton, former Director of the famous cryptocurrency pyramid Bitconnect.

In local police reports stated that Madeline Begotten, mother of two, disappeared from the family mansion Bagattino in Sydney on March 25. At approximately 11:30 a.m. Madeline had brought his daughter to the house of a close family friend and, as suggested, came to Cornell in his black Kia Sorento’s where a car was found later that night.

Family suspected something was wrong when she didn’t come home that night, and the local police found her car abandoned at Cape Solander.

Police are still looking for two men of Indian origin, in whose hands was the car key Madeline, a week after she disappeared.

Still, the local authorities considered it as a case of the missing spent tracking down leads on a possible escape and potential suicide due to alleged financial problems.

Now, when 3 months later no new information was never found, the police decided to take a closer look at the participation of her husband who disappeared in the famous cryptocurrency multimillion-dollar pyramid, which has affected thousands of unsuspecting investors, what could be the motive for murder.

John Begathon is now under investigation by the FBI after the platform Bitconnect responsible for fraud for millions of dollars, fell on January 16 this year with two resolutions on the termination of activity of the official financial regulators in the USA.

Bitconnect that promises income more than 40% in a month, was closed without warning, leaving users with useless coins, which quickly dropped in price from $ 400 to less than 10 just a day. Among the debris, which the exchange left behind, alone with their problems were people who lost all their savings. The news even leaked stories about suicide after the incident.

Police continue the search for Madeline, and one can only hope that the mother of two children, soon will return home safely. John Begathon at the moment is not a suspect in this case.

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