The white House monitors cryptocurrencies

The white House monitors cryptocurrencies

In the administration of President trump said at the White House monitoring the situation with cryptocurrencies, with the recent surge of prices.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders said during a press briefing that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “are monitored by our team”.

In response to a reporter’s question about whether the United States government to regulate cryptocurrency, Sanders said that now can not make any specific statements on this subject. However, he noted that this issue had already been raised earlier this week by Tom Bossert from the Department of homeland security.

We are watching the situation, and we will keep you updated when there is news.

In addition to monitoring the situation with cryptocurrencies in the White House also spoke positively about the technology that underpins the cryptocurrency blockchain.

In March this year, mark Calabria, said that the White house plan to make extensive use of this technology in the field of public services and public administration.

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