The wallet wars? One of the developers MyEtherWallet launches its own wallet MyCrypto

The wallet wars? One of the developers MyEtherWallet launches its own wallet MyCrypto

Popular Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) has released a unexpected alternative product working on one of the developers of MEW.

MEW was one of the most popular tools for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens over the past year and will continue to exist along with the new project, which, incidentally, has almost identical interface.

In his blog on Medium, one of the developers of MEW, Taylor Monaghan told a short history of the project and said that it inspired the creation MyCrypto. At the same time, Taylor silent about his relationship with another key developer of MEW, known as Kvhnuke. Monaghan said that she picked the team for 9 months.

MyEtherWallet LLC was vplone enough for the early stages. MyCrypto is designed to scale the next level from the beginning.

Kvhnuke still controls the repository on github MEW domain MEW, AWS account MyEtherWallet in social networks.

The structure is MEW allowed him to avoid the common mistakes of other wallets, which with the influx of more and more new users are faced with several challenges.

MyCrypto will be available for beta testing in the near future. Monaghan also said that she is “terrified” of what started this new project:

I was terrified and still is terrified of how destructive it may be the project for our team, myself and the entire community Ethereum, but in the end risks associated with supporting the old wallet was greater than the risks of creating a new brand, new company, new name and domain. I realized that my inaction is the only guarantee of failure.

The news was controversial cryptocurrency community. Most of the users complaining about the confusion that has now arisen.

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