The Volkswagen group presented the “independent” electric car, which is paying cryptocurrency

The Volkswagen group presented the “independent” electric car, which is paying cryptocurrency

At the CeBIT in Hannover is the international exhibition of information technologies. This year, the German company surprised by its ingenuity and futuristic models. So, for example, the Volkswagen group presented the “independent” electric car.

Unmanned vehicle Active Sedric was a highlight of the German automaker at the show. Volkswagen is positioning the model as a car for active recreation. This is the fifth version of the concept Sedric.

Johann Jungwirth, head of the digital Department of the VW Group describes the functionality of the model like this:

“Imagine that the lover of mountain Cycling descends on his “dvuhkonusnyj”, and his car down for him.”

New Sedric Active equipped with a special bracket on the roof, designed for transporting sports equipment. The navigation system of the model measures the wind speed, potential weather, and the height of the waves. Users can call SEDRIC either using OneButton (one-button) or using the mobile app MOIA.

In addition, the car has its own cryptocurrency wallet. The machine itself is able to pay for the cleaning or charging, contactless payment is made.

In order to further promote mobility in all its aspects for its customers Volkswagen is constantly expanding its digital capabilities. In this context, Volkswagen upgrades its IT systems and takes all applications on a cloud platform. Volkswagen is moving forward with key digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and the technology of the blockchain.

Martin Hofmann, CIO Volkswagen Group:

“Now begins the digital future of Volkswagen. We orientirueshsya to rapidly modernize our IT systems to make digital solutions for our clients and users within the company even more convenient, safer and more efficient. This will lay a solid Foundation for confident control of the key technologies in the future.”

Focuses on the migration of all systems and applications to the new cloud platform. Thus, Volkswagen lays the foundations for long-term development of digital processing.

In the data Lab in Munich, the center AI of the Volkswagen Group, employs more than 80 international experts, including researchers, AI specialists in natural language processing and academic researchers. Together they have already implemented more than 100 AI applications for cars, customer service and corporate processes. The specialists of Audi and Volkswagen Group Research to develop their projects in the field of machine learning for use in Autonomous vehicles.

Volkswagen is also strengthening its pioneering position in quantum calculations. In the IT labs in San Francisco and Munich highly specialized experts working on the capacity building of quantum computers for applications that will be useful for the company. Focuses on traffic optimization with a resolution in milliseconds and simulation of materials and alloys. The first pilot projects also relate to the combination possibilities of the potential of quantum computing and machine learning (quantum machine learning).

The Volkswagen Group, more and more brands and departments of testing Blockchain technology. Pilot projects range from improving the transparency and automation of supply chains and logistics through the exchange of digital keys of a vehicle to cars with self-service, allowing vehicles to independently charge to Park or to perform other tasks (e.g., Express delivery) in the near future.

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