The video streaming service Twitch now accepts bitcoin

The video streaming service Twitch now accepts bitcoin

Popular video streaming service Twitch now allows users to pay for subscription services using bitcoin.

In a recent Twitter Twitch has announced that the subscription service on the website, you can now pay in a variety of ways, including using the cryptocurrency.

Daily service is used by over 15 million users, and the number of contributors is about 2 million per month. It should be noted that Amazon, which is the parent company of Twitch, currently does not allow customers to make purchases using bitcoin.

Currently, investors see bitcoin more as an investment or stocks and not the currency with which you can pay for goods and services. The main problem is the slow speed of transactions and high commissions.

Steam, the popular gaming platform, recently announced its decision to stop supporting bitcoin as a payment method. In a message on his blog Steam said that their decision was due to the volatility of bitcoin and the very high commissions that the company cannot control.

At the moment we can’t support bitcoin as a payment option. However, in the future we can reconsider.

Motivation Twitch

Many analysts agree that the decision of Twitch about adding such a larger number of payment options talking about trying to quickly increase profits. Twitch and the decision to accept as payment for gift cards of Subway, 7-Eleven and CVS Pharmacy confirms this view.

Ultimately, regardless of the motivation of the company, the greater the number of platforms that support bitcoin, is an important step to ensure that digital currency is a legitimate means of making payments, and not just the asset.

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