The US President Donald trump has inadvertently pannel Aldon Potcoin focused on cannabis

The US President Donald trump has inadvertently pannel Aldon Potcoin focused on cannabis

Trump pump…otherwise it is quite difficult to call what happened with Aldona Potcoin, which, acting as an unofficial sponsor at the summit in South Korea, added to the cost of 20%.

PotCoin has become the unofficial sponsor of the after statements of American basketball player Dennis Rodman, who “supported” the two political leaders Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Ynu:

Thanks to my sponsors from PotCoin and my team Prince Marketing Group, I will fly to Singapore for this historic summit. I will provide any support to my friends, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Ynu.

As noted by Forbes , the star brand Ambassador Rodman is in a “good relationship” with trump and Kim, and arrived at the conference venue in Singapore in the t-shirt PotCoin.

Thus, Rodman continues to be altcon PotCoin on a more global scale. “Sponsorship” began last year, when the bitcoin paid to Rodman for the trip to North Korea, during which he also wore clothes with the logo.

PotCoin is one of the oldest specialized projects cryptocurrency industry for cannabis. Since its debut in 2014, the greater part of his life he languished at a price of one cent per coin, and only in January of this year, “rips”, soaring to a maximum of 0.40 over a dollar. At the time of publication of the material Potcoin traded at a price slightly less than $ 0.10 per, with a market capitalization of about $ 21 million.

Weiss Ratings has named one of the PotCoin cryptocurrency, which should be avoided.

If the project will come back to get stronger outside of the Pampa, which arose in Singapore, he will have to compete with a growing number of cryptocurrency rivals (CannabisCoin, DopeCoin and HempCoin), drawing the attention of the American drug industry associated with cannabis.

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