The US government confiscates $ 23 million in bitcoins from drug traffickers off the Darknet

The US government confiscates $ 23 million in bitcoins from drug traffickers off the Darknet

Cryptocurrency since its appearance was used on the infamous online market Silk Road. The arrest of William Ross Ulbricht, nothing really changed — the cryptocurrency has remained an integral part of the Darknet.

The U.S. Department of justice (DOJ) on Tuesday, June 26, released the results of the first national campaign against sellers of illegal goods and services on the Darknet — Operation Dark Gold.

According to the statement, the DOJ, together with other U.S. government agencies, such as the division of the U.S. secret service and the Ministry of homeland security to combat money laundering, were 65 cases. 65 investigations led to the arrest of more than 35 persons involved in illegal transactions.

Law enforcement officers pretended to be buyers, causing trust the web dealers. As a result, the agents are personally identified many suppliers, which has led to more than 35 arrests.

Deputy attorney Rod J. Rosenstein, talking about the operation, said:

“Criminals who believe that they are in Darknet safe, wrong. We can expose their networks, and we are determined to bring them to justice”.

Along with 35 arrests, law enforcement officers also seized the assets of accused criminals.

Rosenstein confirmed the success of the operation, saying:

“We seized seized weapons, drugs and 23.6 mln. USA. A nationwide effort will reduce the supply of drugs such as fentanyl, which killed every day a huge number of Americans.”

In addition to the drugs were seized over 100 firearms (pistols, assault rifles and even a grenade launcher), $3.6 million in currency and gold, as well as 4,000 bitcoins.

According to the Ministry of justice of the County, Maryland, prosecutors have charged Ryan Perez and Robert Swain, who for 4 years made drugs and distributed them through the trading platform in Darknet. As a means of payment, the defendants took bitcoin.

Oddly enough, the Darknet sellers continue to use Bitcoin in their criminal purposes. Many experts have often noted that it is not so difficult to go to people making transactions with Bitcoin.

Such statements have increased the attractiveness of the coin with the highest level of confidentiality, such as Monero or zcash for. However, despite the recent zcash for listing on the American stock exchange Gemini, coins privacy will remain a focus of government regulation.

Government concerns about the confidentiality of settlements is growing rapidly and regulators are paying increasing attention to the industry of cryptocurrency. But users, even those who are not criminals will continue to use Monero and Zсash just because everyone is committed to financial privacy.

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