The total cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeds the capitalization J. P. Morgan

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeds the capitalization J. P. Morgan

On Wednesday, the cryptocurrency market has set new records, and he finally managed to get around the largest Bank in America by capitalization.


According to CoinMarketCap, the total value of all cryptocurrency in the world, exceeded 370 billion dollars. The growth of capitalization was due to growth in bitcoin and Monero IOTA. In the aggregate value of the crypto market ahead of the company J. P. Morgan Chase & Co, the cost of which is around 367 billion dollars.

J. P. Morgan is the birthplace of Jamie Daimon, one of the most merciless critics of bitcoin. Daymon called cryptocurrency is a number one fraud.

J. P. Morgan is a member of the prestigious Dow 30, on Wednesday experienced a decline in the value of their shares. In General, this year the stock rose 22%, which was largely caused by the victory of Donald trump.

Cryptocurrency also showed strong growth throughout the year, but China’s decision to ban the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges in September was briefly suspended growth and sparked a correction. However, the recovery did not take much time.

China for the most part stays out of the cryptocurrency market, and his share was divided between Japan and South Korea. In recent months the South Korean stock exchange topped the ratings as the trading volume and price records.

The explosive growth of bitcoin

Earlier this week the price of bitcoin surpassed 12,000 in anticipation of the launch of the first futures contract for money, which should happen this Sunday. CME Group plans to launch its product on the basis of bitcoin on 18 December.

The price of bitcoin at the moment already exceeds 13,000 dollars. For the last five days of the digital currency rose to a staggering 28%. IOTA took the second place on growth rates of 9%, and the third – Ethereum with 8 percent.

The increase in the price of bitcoin has affected the interest in other cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are 20 altcoins market capitalization exceeding $ 900 million.

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