The theft of Bitcoin from an offline device

The theft of Bitcoin from an offline device

The specialists of the University named after Ben-Gurion developed and tested a technique that is able to steal the private key.

The Israeli team has announced its study “BeatCoin”, which is dedicated to the theft of cryptocurrency is physically isolated computers.


Not connected to the Internet and a LAN computer mounted with a cryptocurrency wallet infected software. Next, it was tested by a different technique in order to determine which method of abduction and handover of the keys on a nearby device would be most effective. Malicious software can infiltrate disconnected from the Internet computer by installing a cryptocurrency wallet or via removable media.

Used experts?

For this experiment we used:

  • heat
  • the electromagnetic field
  • audio signals
  • loading hard drive
  • cooler computer
  • phone

It is learned that the fastest way to transfer a 256-bit key with the attacked computer to the remote device is the use of technology:

  • AirHopper
  • Ultrasonic

In the video below demonstrates how researchers convey the secret keys stored on the Raspberry Pi device on the smartphone using attack RadIoT (data transmission radio signals).

“We dokazhet that, despite a high degree of isolation cold wallets, motivated attackers can steal secret keys, wallets with an air gap. In the presence of secret keys, the attacker effectively owns the entire cryptocurrency wallet “.

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