The Supreme Court of Greece wants to extradite winnik (BTC-E) to United States

The Supreme Court of Greece wants to extradite winnik (BTC-E) to United States

The Supreme court of Greece supported the US demand for the extradition of alleged former operator of the BTC-e Alexander winnick.

On Wednesday confirmed the support of the extradition of a Russian citizen in the US, where he will be charged with money laundering. Recall that the Hearing on the extradition of Alexander winnick was postponed until Dec.

The Minister of justice of Greece, now remains to make a final decision: when and where will be sent to the accused. Russia and the United States for several months fighting for winnik.

Such a solution is not at hand to winnick, who petitioned for its shipment to Russia, where he was also charged with, but of less severity.

After the arrest of the accused in Greece in July, BTC-e closed down and restarted as WEX. Nonetheless, the legal investigation continues, and the U.S. government seek to recover penalties in the amount of $122 million from the stock exchange and winnik.

Denying personal involvement in financial crime, in addition to the services of an external consultant, he maintains his innocence.

In October, the Greek lower court recommended that to meet the request of Russian General Prosecutor’s office on extradition of Alexander winnik in Russia, adding that “there is no reason not to transfer it to Moscow.”

After the decision of the attorney winnik in the official review said:

“The Supreme court essentially agreed that our client should be sent to the United States.”

“Our client said nothing. He listened to the ruling, when it was delivered … Now the Minister of justice must decide when and where it is sent to our customer”.

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