The study, which will plunge into depression of any cryptocurrency skeptic

The study, which will plunge into depression of any cryptocurrency skeptic

According to a recent large-scale study in the United States, which was attended by hundreds of retailers using payment technology is Square Inc., 60 % of respondents are willing to accept bitcoin instead of the dollar. Nomura Instinet conducted a survey among retailers whose income exceeds $100 000 per year.

In January 2018, a supporter of cryptocurrencies and CEO of Square Jack Dorsey announced the integration of Bitcoin with its “Cash App”. Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, quite a while is a fan of cryptocurrencies. After the integration of the app Square Cash with Bitcoin, came up with the idea to conduct a survey among users, which showed that more than half of merchants Square will take BTC, not dollars.

“This result is surprising, especially given the high volatility of cryptocurrency” — analyst Nomura Instinet Dan Dolev.

The study, entitled “SQ Survey: Merchants Say YES! To Bitcoin” found that the majority of respondents (about 40 %) who expressed a desire to accept bitcoins, belongs to the age group 31-40 years.

App Square Cash used by more than 7 million merchants. Approximately 95 percent of participants called the app “excellent” or “good” and the other said that the application is “average”.

The user can customize the application in minutes and send peer-to-peer payments, store money, get paid, and buy and sell bitcoins.

After the adoption of the Square Bitcoin, the company’s shares were sold like hot cakes. Cryptocurrency Square initiative, which began this year, increased the company’s share price by 49 percent.

Dear skeptics, do you have anything to say to that?

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