The study of the Russian University evaluated the public acceptance of cryptocurrency

The study of the Russian University evaluated the public acceptance of cryptocurrency

According to University research, the citizens of Russia begin to change their opinion about blockchain technology.

On 25 December 2017, the Russian economic University named after Plekhanov conducted a study to determine the readiness of the public to the adoption of blockchain technology.

According to associate Professor of the Department of Finance and prices of Diana Stepanova, in the study it was found that the General attitude towards the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology underlying them, “gradually ceases to be perceived by society as a marginal means of payment for illegal transactions.” In addition, the study showed that the relevant business applications for distributed programmable contracts (EDCC) or smart contracts played a role in this change in public acceptance.

Stepanova added about the benefits of decentralization and privacy:

“The success of the technology due to the fact that it allows you to store information in a distributed state on a single server. This advantage is of particular importance to ensure financial privacy. The blockchain keeps a record of all transactions carried out by users at different blocks at the same time, distributing them over a network consisting of millions of PCs”

According to Stepanova, the EDCC have a positive effect on many different industries, and the dynamics of decentralized social networks with cryptocurrency software will give users the control over accounts with the possibility of establishing a channel of income through advertising.

Stepanov summed up: “Probably in a few years, the blockchain technology will become the industry standard, and Russia should be ready for it”.

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