The study Blockdata: 67% failed tablconv was backed by gold

The study Blockdata: 67% failed tablconv was backed by gold

Only 66 tablconv — and that only 30% of the total number of such tokens — in fact a viable and functioning are products. Such data has presented the research team Blockdata.

The remaining 70% of similar projects are either in development or have already failed. Analysts from Blockdata believe that one of the consequences of this situation could be the emergence in 2019-2020 record number of new tablconv, of which 119 will be launched in 2019.

65% tablconv provided with Fiat currencies or commodities. Staff Blockdata studied possible factors that could lead to the closure of failed projects tablconv. According to the study, such projects are usually secured by assets in commodities (e.g. gold). In particular, stabilini, backed by gold, accounted for approximately two-thirds of all failed projects.

Supported by dollar stabilini more prosperous than backed by gold

Researchers have identified three main reasons for the failure tablconv: volatility, complexity, physical storage reserves and fraud.

Analysts said the popularity of Ethereum — half tablconv is based on the blockchain, despite the fact that the report mentions as many as 15 different blockchains. In addition to Ethereum, popular blackany Bitshares and Stellar.

If you believe Blockdata, the binding to gold has ruined more than one project. However, recently the editor in chief and head of Forbes Media Steve Forbes fatherly advised Mark Zuckerberg to rethink his ambitious project Libra and ensure the cryptocurrency gold. Forbes explained that the precious metal best suited to support the Libra to be called “a truly stable currency.”

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