The story of one Pampa

The story of one Pampa

A Diamond In The Rough

Opinions differ when it comes to bitcoin forks. Some believe that this is a great bonus for all owners of bitcoin, and the creators get a ready-made community and a base of active users. Others are more concerned with the lack of infrastructure and clear objectives from the creators of the new coins and how it affects the overall ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin diamond (BCD) is distributed in a ratio of 10: 1, immediately after his appearance at the end of November. Within a few days after a fork a new coin was fixed at around $ 30, but the major exchanges such as Bittrex and Bitfinex, refused to cooperate and refused to include it in your listing. But on cryptocurrency exchanges that are less picky, sooner or later comes the moment of glory for any coin. Bitcoin diamond (BCD) he came on Saturday.

Within a few minutes, the coin has increased in value 40 times on Kucoin, the price soared to $ 800; it was one of the biggest green candle ever observed on the stock exchange. It even prompted Kucoin to issue the following warning to its customers:

Today, the price of Bitcoin diamond (BCD) on Kucoin has grown to an incredible level. We would like to remind all of our users and those who invest in cryptocurrency to invest rationally, without succumbing to emotions.

Night of the long forks

Starting from Friday evening on January 12, many traders took long positions on many of the bitcoin forks. Due to the low prices of many of these coins such as bitcoin file is about 0.2 of the dollar, combined with low trading volume, to organize the Pampa on these cryptocurrencies is relatively easy.

Therefore we once again remind you about the dangers Panov, and if you are in any of these cryptocurrencies are a long term investor, but for some reason keep the order open, we advise you to set an unrealistically high price for them, to suddenly lose all of their coins.

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