The story of how a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts watched a Striptease

The story of how a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts watched a Striptease

New year’s eve modestly dressed girl named Giselle Palmer, turned on the webcam to start your sexual performance.

In the process of meeting with the audience, she mentioned that in College he studied computer science and mathematics. From this point on in the General chat, the topic of her sexuality was closed and all moved on to the discussion of Informatics and calculus. It might seem very strange in a normal situation of this kind, if not hundreds of people to watch a sexy girl, a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

“I don’t think Giselle was ready to how sad our community,” said Amin, Soleimani, CEO and co-founder SpankChain, a startup based on the blockchain-oriented adult entertainment industry. The project sponsored a show of Giselle, which was the testing platform.

Since mathematical reviews did not stop, Giselle decided to tease the audience and asked the question — what they want more s*s or mathematics?

If we visualize the response of the audience, it would have looked like — hundreds of men, chanting only one word “Mathematics”!

Soleimani, called this event a fun experience that demonstrates how the cryptocurrency community is obsessed with the idea that believes.

With regard to draft SpankChain, it ICO hotly debated:

“Even despite the fact that we have all heard, people do not want to publicly invest in our business, fearing it will affect their reputation»

And the truth is, none of the investors who spoke with the publication CoinDesk, did not admit its interest in SpankChain.

It is very upsetting to the project team, and the lack of support from the community, positioning itself as a financial rebel and digital anarchists. However, the company was able to attract 19 840 ETH (at the time $ 6 million), having sold approximately 30 percent of the total emissions “spankcoin” through the ICO, which was completed in mid-November.

The company uses the money to continue development of its payment system and the resource that will be used to demonstrate this system, regardless of whether the world is ready for it or not.

Between the cryptocurrency and the adult entertainment industry has always existed a certain relationship.

Another story happened in new York. The owner of the online store of designer sex toys Polly Rodriguez tried in vain to find a Bank that would increase its credit limit. Despite success in sales, where Polly is not applied everywhere it was met with ridicule. A ray of hope for her to become the cryptocurrency.

“When near the name of your company is marked “adult” you are automatically placed in the black list. But in that moment, when you select the cryptocurrency you make a breakthrough.”

Many “adult”companies support the adoption of cryptocurrencies, which will allow customers to make direct payments.

Whether such an approach to the adult industry right, hard to say. Most importantly, the business was legal and did not violate constitutional rights.

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