The story of a girl who has long played dreams cryptocurrency of hontarov about Lamba

The story of a girl who has long played dreams cryptocurrency of hontarov about Lamba

For many of the cryptocurrency community hashtag #whenlambo means the acquisition of Lamborghini as the embodiment of the desired wealth, which they someday hope to possess. But for Elizabeth white #whenlambo — a personal challenge.

The fact that it is not so easy to convert your digital wealth into real assets in the world. Transaction fee, low daily limits on exchange trading platforms and wild price volatility might be very difficult to purchase expensive things for cryptocurrencies.

White, who has long worked in the industry of racing cars, decided to use his connections with hedge funds and dealers of luxury cars to reach their dreams cryptocurrency of hontarov an Italian supercar.

“In the community of cryptocurrency there are so many rich people, says white. “Cars seem like a good way to demonstrate it.”

As a rule, the original communication Elizabeth spent using the application Telegram. White argues that can facilitate the transaction of exchange of cryptocurrency for a luxury car, and the process will take only a few days.

“I once sold the owner of the crypts from China car for $ 4 million from California. The negotiations were very quick and the whole process delivery took less than a week, we agreed about everything in 30 minutes.”

White claims that her company, called “the White Company “, can easily cope with this kind of transactions due to the liquidity of a hedge Fund Apis Capital Management, with which it works.

“We can at any time quickly convert cryptocurrency into Fiat. I can take large amounts of money and buy a luxury item for your customer, and then make their cryptocurrency with commissions to the Fund”.

Experience white inspired a completely new direction. Now, along with his financial partner Edgar Rajabli, it launches its own cryptocurrency called the “White Standard” which it hopes someday will be used to process most online transaction.

Unlike Ether and Bitcoin that have become the subject of speculation, the “White Standard” is “stable coin” digital token with the primary aim to serve as tools for digital Commerce. White said that every White Standard, which is built on the blockchain Stellar, will support the American dollar, giving the coins real value.

“As the adoption of the White Standard tokens will be traded on other exchanges,” says financial partner white Edgar Rajabli.

White Standard, which is backed by hedge Fund Rajabli, plans to create a Foundation payment networks for trading the cryptocurrency around the world.

“We want to create a coin that will allow you to instantly buy a Cup of coffee or Lambo using the cryptocurrency anywhere in the world”

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