The SEC named the chief adviser on digital assets and innovation

The SEC named the chief adviser on digital assets and innovation

The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) has created a new senior Advisory position to control the regulation of securities cryptographic sphere, said in a press release published on 4 June.

Ms. Valerie A. Sepanik was named senior Advisor, digital assets, and a Deputy Director of the division of Corporation Finance. She will be responsible for “coordinating the efforts of all departments and agencies of the SEC in respect of the application of the securities laws of the United States to the new digital technologies, including for the ICO.

In his official statement of Sepanik noted that will promote a fair, orderly and efficient markets and protect investors.

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has allocated Sepanik as “the right person to coordinate the efforts of the regulator in this dynamic and challenging field.”

Ms. Sepanik cooperating with the SEC since 1997. Having legal and engineering education Valerie held the position of Deputy Director of the enforcement division of the cyber division.

The SEC suggests that cryptocurrencies can be considered as securities, which brings them under the jurisdiction of the Commission. During the February hearings of the U.S. Senate and the CFTC, Chairman Clayton stressed that it is necessary to distinguish between token-ICO and the main cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Reportedly became the main topic of discussions among U.S. regulators, some of whom argue that Ethereum is a valuable paper.

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